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a girl's dream [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:39 am]
[mood |hornyhorny]

Warning the following post is of a graphic nature.

She knows the rules. She knows he will enforce them. She wants more
than anything to cum, but he will withdraw if she gets off without
permission. She must let the tension build, resisting the overwhelming urge to
clench her pussy and let it spasm. She must remain focused on following
his instructions. First she must prove that she is capable of
withstanding stimulation. Mild at first, but constantly intensifying. Then she
must pleasure him. She must wait patiently for permission. She will do
almost anything to get it.

She has been anticipating this for days. Her heart rate is already
elevated, and they have not even begun to play. She knows he will be
ruthless. She wants to clench down on him and make him explode. She knows
that is a privilege she must earn. She squeezes her legs together tightly.
He demands that she spread them so he can check her compliance. Her
desire intensifies already. His first test is energy projection. How can
she deal with physical contact if she can't deal with energy? The tension
already seems intolerable. Her toes curl, her breathing accelerates.
Then she is required to play with her own breasts while he teases her by
stroking his cock. She wants it soooooo bad. She knows she must earn
the privilege. "Please Sir, touch me, I will be good" she pleads.

He strokes her nipples, she moans, but clenches her fists instead of
her pussy. He touches her pussy, and it clenches immediately. He pulls
back. She moans, and squirms. "Pleeease Sir let me try again, I'll
behave", she begs. Every other muscle in her body tightens in an effort to
relax her pussy. She wants to cum soooooooooo bad! He gives her another
chance. She succeeds, and the tension mounts again. Now she must
withstand the vibrator, then take instruction for pleasing Him....


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